Volunteer Spotlight: Talia Turkenitz

This is Talia Turkenitz, first time coordinator for Temple Beth El. She had a wonderful time helping out Home & Hope and wants to continue to do so in every way possible. ALIYAH: So what made you want to become a coordinator for Home & Hope in the first place? TALIA: Well I’ve been coordinating my whole life. I’ve worked at other temples, I teach … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Talia Turkenitz

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea Goldsmith helps out in different ways at Temple Beth Jacob but primarily with Home and Hope. She also likes to bring her Husband and sons along with her in hopes that they will learn from it as much as she does. ALIYAH: How do you stay involved with Home and Hope? ANDREA: I come for dinner and do overnights What is your main job … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Goldsmith

Volunteer Spotlight: Frank Mathura

Frank recently started volunteering for Home and Hope. He likes to go to Congregational Church of San Mateo after diner and spend time with the guest. Aliyah: Donna mentioned that you felt a little uneasy about volunteering at first. Why was that? Frank: I was scared of the kinds of kids that would be there and how they would act. How did you think the … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Frank Mathura

Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Lindsay, CCSM

By any measure, Donna Lindsay is a volunteer extraordinaire! Donna has dedicated her time to volunteering since Home & Hope’s inception in 2001. In June 2010, Donna and her husband became members of the Congregational Church of San Mateo, and in 2014 she took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Donna truly understands the value of volunteer work: at the end of each hosting week, … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Lindsay, CCSM

Staff Spotlight: Aliyah Shelton

ADRIANA: What is your favorite part of the job? ALIYAH: My favorite part of working for Home & Hope is feeling like I am contributing to something important. I have had many empty jobs, and jobs that I felt were not doing anything to actually help anyone before I came here. What is something you find challenging in your position? The thing I find the most challenging … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Aliyah Shelton

Volunteer Spotlight: Olivia Mcaa

Meet Olivia, one of our newest Home & Hope volunteers! Read on for her interview with Aliyah, one of our Program Assistants. ALIYAH: What congregation are you affiliated with? OLIVIA: Unitarian Universalists in San Mateo. How do you stay involved with Home & Hope? This is actually my first time [volunteering] with Home & Hope. Welcome! What are your favorite tasks so far? Cooking, making placemats, and … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Olivia Mcaa

Staff Spotlight: Adriana Cicciarelli

Meet Adriana, one of our Program Assistants! Adriana joined the Home & Hope team in November 2016. A recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Sociology and minor in Education, Adriana enjoys learning from others and, as a result, building strong relationships. Her favorite part of working at Home & Hope is hanging out with families and volunteers at the congregations. Adriana loves … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Adriana Cicciarelli