Sina is kind, compassionate, and community driven. Continue reading to find out how she brings those aspects of herself into Home & Hope. ALIYAH: How did you initially get involved with Home & Hope? SINA: I got involved with Home & Hope through my church here, Hillsdale United Methodist Church [of San Mateo]. There was a time that I saw an email that came out … Continue reading VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: SINA VUNA


The Ramirez family has been volunteering for about 5 years and loves it. It started with just Marcey (top right) but now the entire family host a night at least once a year. ALIYAH: So Marcey, is this your first time volunteering? MARCEY: It is my first time volunteering for team hope but I have been volunteering for Home & Hope for about 4 or … Continue reading VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: MARCEY RAMIREZ

Volunteer Spotlight: Talia Turkenitz

This is Talia Turkenitz, first time coordinator for Temple Beth El. She had a wonderful time helping out Home & Hope and wants to continue to do so in every way possible. ALIYAH: So what made you want to become a coordinator for Home & Hope in the first place? TALIA: Well I’ve been coordinating my whole life. I’ve worked at other temples, I teach … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Talia Turkenitz

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea Goldsmith helps out in different ways at Temple Beth Jacob but primarily with Home and Hope. She also likes to bring her Husband and sons along with her in hopes that they will learn from it as much as she does. ALIYAH: How do you stay involved with Home and Hope? ANDREA: I come for dinner and do overnights What is your main job … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Goldsmith